Access Keys:

Limavady Central Primary School, Northland Rd, County Londonderry

P.1. Visit to Marshall Howe's new fruit and vegetable shop

18th Oct 2018

Primary 1 walked into Limavady to visit Marshall Howe's newly refurbished fruit and vegetable shop. Mr John Howe welcomed us into his lovely new shop and told us about all the different kinds of fruit and vegetables that he sells. He showed us some fruits that grow in Northern Ireland and some that grow in hot countries. We even got a chance to taste some delicious pomegranate seeds! Mr Howe reminded us to eat some fruit and vegetables every day so that we grow up healthy and strong. Thank you so much Mr Howe for welcoming us into your new shop - it was absolutely amazing!

On our way home we called in at Hunters Bakery and got a little gingerbread man treat to give us energy to walk back to school. Many thanks to the bakery for providing the children with these treats.